Kui sa tegeled elu elamisega ja sa tead, mis elamine on, ning kui elamine ja teadmine on kokku sulanud, siis see ongi elu väärtus. Muul juhul oled sa aja ja ruumi surve all ning inimese ja eesli vahel pole mingit erinevust. Mõlemad kannavad oma koormat.
Joogi Bhajan

Sadhana is yogi’s early morning daily spiritual practice, discipline of the mind and body to serve the soul. Sadhana gives energy for the whole day. Practicing sadhana balances and keeps the mind pure and evokes deep inner peace.

Effects of the Sadhana- overcoming the duality of the mind, spiritual fitness, integration and commitment. Sadhana creates meditative mind.

Morning Sadhana- practicing with a group. Duration 2,5 hours (from 5-7.30 AM). Sadhana starts with the reciting of the Japji (20 minutes). It is followed by a regular yoga class. After this the Aquarian Age mantras are chanted (62 minutes) and tuning out will take place to end the practice.

White Tantric Yoga

White Tantric Yoga is an inseparable part of Kundalini yoga experience. There is an important difference- White Tantric Yoga must be led by Mahan Tantric. White Tantric Yoga is practiced as a group meditation in pairs. You sit face to face with your partner and follow the guidelines of the meditation, which are given by Yogi Bhajan (Mahan Tantric) from the video screen.
During the day, there are 6-8 kriyas/meditations, which consist of a certain yogic posture and/or hand position; focus of the eyes and/or mantra. The length of the kriyas/meditations varies from 11 minutes to 62 minutes. There is a pause between every meditation/kriya.

Kundalini yoga techniques

Life is one long breath, which starts with the first inhale at birth and ends with the last exhale when passing away. How often do you think about your breathing? But how often about eating and drinking? How long can you be without breathing? And how often can you be without eating or drinking? Life entirely depends on breath and is a continuous chain of breath. Breathing is the most important body function; the life expectancy and health of a person depends on it. Breath is a very important tool in kundalini yoga and it is given conscious attention.

Kundalini yoga kriyas use postures. The word “kriya” means action. Every kriya consists of postures, mudras and breath and combinations of the above in precise order. Kriya is a series of exercises.

The Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini is the creative potential of every human being. 

When Kundalini is awakened, the power of the person’s radiance, halo and aura is rising. He/she is not going mad and he will not start screaming, these are not the results of a kundalini awakening. Kundalini will not let a person stay in depression. Whether you call it the power of a serpent, kundalini, the power of the soul or divine consciousness – divine energy that gives balance to a person. Know that whenever your mind is in a state of balance, you radiate. Your spirit rises like a tide.  Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini is the incarnation of the primal creative force Adi Shakti. It is energy in its’ purest form that shaped us and enabled for us to be born. In a latent state it is compressed into a container located in the lower back. To some extent, kundalini energy flows within us already from the time we are born. Our goal is not to exploit the existing energy but to liberate a greater amount of it and to pull it into circulation.

What is Kundalini yoga?

In order to understand the essence of Kundalini yoga, we need to start with asking what is yoga?
Some may think that yoga is a religion; others think that yoga consists of physical excercises in order to strengthen one’s health and vitality; and there are those who believe that it is a psychological system, etc. Yoga in its’ essence is a relationship.
The term “yoga” originates from sanskrit language (“jugit”) and means a connection (connecting something with something). Using the tools og yoga, a connection between individual consciousness and the Universal Consciousness is established. Yoga is a technology to expand one’s consciousness. Practicing yoga enables to brake one’s subconscious limitations. It gives the opportunity to use one’s full potential to experience the Infinite Self.

Kundalini yoga in Estonia

Kundalini yoga was brought to Estonia by Marika Blossfeldt (USA/Estonia), who is more known in Estonia for being a choreographer and dancer.

Marika Blossfeldt: “I was first introduced to Kundalini yoga in New York, in 1993. Ravi Hari Kaur conducted an introductory Kundalini yoga class and I fell in love with this yoga style from the first glance. I continued my studies with Ravi Hari. The first Kundalini yoga classes that I taught myself took place in Estonia in 1994, I taught the actors and dancers in Von Krahl Theatre; that same year I taught Kundalini yoga also at the Baltoscandal Theatre Festival.”

Many teachers of today have had their first Kundalini yoga experience and inspiration from Polli Talu Arts Center.

Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan or Harbhajan Singh was born on August 26th in 1929 in an area that nowadays is part of Pakistan into a family of healers and community leaders. As a student, he studied comparative theology. He also obtained Master’s degree in economical sciences from Punjab University. Years later, he was nominated a PhD in San Francisco Humanitarian Institute in the field of communication psychology.
Yogi Bhajan was the one to break the longterm tradition of secrecy of Kundalini yoga. He was denominated as a Master of Kundalini yoga when he was only 16. At the age of 39, he quit a well-paid job in Indian civil service to follow his vision of bringing Kundalini yoga to Western world. He gave his first lecture in a gym in Los Angeles in 1969. Despite of no listeners, Yogi Bhajan still gave a full lecture in an empty hall. In 1971 he became Mahan Tantric, Master of White Tantra.


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