When you start thinking, you use sixty times more pranic energy than otherwise. When you sit and smile innocently, nature serves you with one hundred and eight elements. Things come to you.
Joogi Bhajan

Yogic lifestyle

Hydrotherapy (Ishnaan)

Hydrotherapy is hardening of the body, not only a hygienic procedure.

Rub and massage your body with almond oil from top to toe, it will wash out the toxins through open pores and nurturing the skin. Almond oil also has a warming effect. Now you are ready for hydrotherapy.

Start by letting cold water run on your hands, arms and feet, massaging them at the same time. Continue with the stomach, back, and buttocks. Do not stop massaging. To protect your thighs and sexual organs, you may wear cotton shorts. Optimal time for cold shower is 12-15 minutes.

How does the cold shower work?

It makes your skin shine, opens the capillaries and helps to keep you blood young and healthy. It also massages and cleans organs, and stimulates glandular system.

PS! Do not take cold showers while pregnant or menstruating, also with fever, rheumatism and cardiological problems. You do not let cold water run on top of your head!

Hydrotherapy is precise science. Letting cold water run on certain parts of the body, one gets certain effect:

  • letting cold water run on the area below your lower lip for 10-15 minutes will make you shiny and the mind very clear;
  • Putting cold water on the area between eyebrows and the upper lip is very energizing;
  • Putting cold water on the forehead will make you very sleepy;
  • The wrist stands for the liver and the fingertips for the brain;
  • Putting cold water on the throat and letting it flow down on all of your body and hands will entirely change your cells;
  • Letting the water flow on the feet and massaging one foot with the other, changing the massaging foot, you are giving massage to the whole of your body.

After the cold shower dry yourself and do a massage with the towel. When taking ice-cold shower, your blood starts circulating and you do not feel cold any more. Your capillaries open up and everything that has been accumulating will move. Stepping under the cold water you feel cold at first. But after several minutes the blood will start to circulate and the cold feeling will fade.


From the yogic point of view, one does not have to cut hair, nor to shave or to remove body hair. Via hair, a human being collects vitamin D from the Sun. It is best to keep the hair tied into a bun on top or the back of the head, covered with a shawl of natural fabric. In that way the Kundalini energy can also raise more freely. When hair grows without being cut, it gives a lot of energy to the brain. Hair grows on these parts of the body where important glands are located. There is a strong linkage between hair, hormones and functioning of the whole body. Hair on the hands and arms, armpits, crus, but also eyebrows are located there for a reason. They are taking care of the electromagnetic wellbeing of the body, they function as little antennas for the aura, rising self-confidence and giving the person shine and glow. Suggestion: to keep the hair oiled, for them to function well and to avoid dandruff, brush the hair twice a day for 5 minutes with a natural brush.

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